Thanks again for all your hard work, Yanni! I am glad that you loved making them and that it was one of your favorite orders! I never doubted you; you are an amazing and talented artist with such beautiful vision. You take things that others discard and make them into masterpieces. Seeing the beauty in things that others might consider trash displays your true artist spirit. I really appreciate you always taking my input into consideration, being so patient with me, and for creating such breathtaking pieces with my untraditional color choices! I know that I challenged you, but I knew you would rise to the occasion. 🙂 Not only will they make a huge impact on my special day, but also, they are one of the things I am most excited about for our wedding. Best of all, they will last forever and I can always look at them with love and fond memories! Everyone I have showed loves them just as much as I do. I cannot wait to have them on the day and to display them in my home for years to come!  Oh, and I loved all of our conversations; you have become such a good friend!

-Nissa Yekich (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.432679293434640.89462.212502848785620&type=3 )

Loved Loved Loved working with Yanni. My flowers are beautiful and exactly what I wanted!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to show them off for my wedding in July 🙂

– Dawn (http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/accents-and-petals-phillipines/aa78f437aeeb3e9b.html)

I was a bit anxious to contact the seller, because I needed to make a larger purchase and wasn’t sure how it would work with the long distance shipping and communication. Well, I was wrong. The communication was excellent. The seller was very quick to reply and update me on my order status. The delivery was very quick as well, since they ship EMS. Last but not least, the product I bought is very high quality and looks amazing. I will definitely come back and shop again from this seller. Thank you

-Antonia Varbanova (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AntoArts)

 Fast and professional communication about product and process of order. Excellent customer service! Meets customer’s expectation for product quality and preference. Can’t find any other service that custom designs beautiful floral crafts with unique material and meets your expectations!!! Highly recommend!!!

-Unice Na (http://accentsandpetals.com/2012/01/test-page-for-paper-flower-test-page/#comment-122)

I wanted something different than traditional flowers since I’m honestly not the biggest fan of them, plus dang they’re expensive! So I found these really unique and beautiful fake flowers made from birchwood shavings. Best of all, even with the shipping and insurance costs (seller ships from the Philippines), it was STILL cheaper than getting real flowers! I bought THREE vouchers when AccentsandPetals was featured on Heartsy and ordered a motherload of the loose flowers in different kinds of flowers, I’ll put pictures of them up when I get them.

I would recommend ordering these WAY in advance because they can take a while to ship, especially if you’re doing a custom order-and the fact that they’re coming from The Philippines. The most recent order I placed got shipped three days after I placed it, and came approximately 2 weeks later. The first order I placed took about a month and half to get here from when I originally placed the order.

-Steph and Josh (http://joshandsteph.weebly.com/vendors.html)

I wanted to do a something a little different for our wedding and decided not to use fresh or cut flowers. It just seemed like a waste on so many fronts, and quite expensive. I found Accents and Petals on Listia and I was intrigued by the birch wood roses Yanni had listed there. I researched them thoroughly and made the decision to buy my bouquet from her as well as loose flowers, boutonnieres, and flowers on stems. Yanni had no trouble understanding my custom request and was very prompt to start. I got a bit anxious as it got closer to our wedding date because of a lack of communication, but everything worked out well in the end. I believe that Yanni is incredibly talented and has seen a tremendous growth in business. I would have no qualms about ordering your flowers from her; they are beautiful and unique… just order several months in advance so you can avoid the panic I endured.

-Stephanie (http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/accents-and-petals-phillipines/aa78f437aeeb3e9b.html)

I highly recommend Accents and Petals.  Yanni is so very helpful and will try anything for your bouquet.  She sends photos  of your design before she sends them too, and is always willing to make changes if you need her to.

-Jen (http://www.headfulloffeathers.com/news/wonderful-wooden-bouquets-accents-and-petals/)

I would, and have, recommend Accents and Petals to every bride! They provide a timeless, unique, and affordable product. They worked with me to customize and meet all my special requests- even sending proofs of the products for comment and review prior to finalization. Shipping does take some time because of international customs- so order way in advance! Responsiveness is great through social media like Facebook messaging, email responses usually happen within a couple of days. I was so very pleased with my wedding flowers I have ordered more flowers for home crafting. 🙂

– Rachel (http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/accents-and-petals-phillipines/aa78f437aeeb3e9b.html)

I purchased all my flowers from the user accentsandpetals on Etsy…they are so beautiful, light, and very inexpensive! The whole process of attaching each flower to some wire, wrapping with floral tape, and building the bouquet took about eight hours total. My thumbs are sore, but it turned out perfectly! It’s small, simple, and exactly what I wanted!

– Nikki (http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/my-wood-shaving-bouquet-pic-heavy)

And man they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! They took about 2 months to get here from the Phillippines, but the wait was worth it 🙂
I highly recommend these as an alternative to real flowers. I ordered them from Etsy seller AccentsAndPetals 🙂 I ordered a bunch of extra assorted flowers to make corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces 🙂 One of each of the variety the seller sent me!

– Stephanie(http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_minnesota-minneapolis-st-paul_those-birchwood-flowers-ordered-came-today )

I have thought a lot about feedback for this product. In the end I have decided to leave positive feedback. But I urge buyers to READ THIS before placing orders. PRODUCT: The flowers are amazing. As with all the products, they are smaller than the photos but I was glad about that. The bouquets are really light! The bunches of flowers look great together. There were a few broken flowers in the package, even though packaged well and marked ‘fragile’ but that is the nature of overseas shipping and a few from a few hundred is nothing! COMMUNICATION Ok. I had read the feedback prior to purchasing through this seller, so I didn’t expect prompt replies (I.e. Within the day) and for the most part Yanni did reply promptly. Yanni was particularly prompt in replying when I had concerns (the shop was closed temporarily just before making the final payment and there was an issue with shipping initially). She alleviated any concerns and made extra attempts to make sure I was satisfied. The comment I would like to make is similar to a previous customers feedback. ‘tomorrow’ usually means ‘in a couple of days’ with excuses provided. I would have been happier with something along the lines of ‘I’m very busy and a little unwell at the moment, therefore it will take me a couple of days to upload photos or get back to you with shipping information’ (prior notice is always better than waiting) Otherwise a very pleasant seller to deal with. SHIPPING AND TURNAROUND From the outset, Yanni was very clear with turnaround time of my order (3wks) and shipping time (12days). She kept within this time. The bouquets and extra flowers ordered after were finished within 2wks and it took another week to finalise. There was a delay in shipping, I hadn’t noticed any activity on the tracking number and contacted my post office who advised it wasn’t sent. There had been an issue with the customs declaration in the Philippines post office and they hadn’t shipped it. Yanni then went out of her way to deliver the flowers to me via FedEx and I received them within 5 days! (thanks Yanni). I believe that this store has a lot of demand, because the product is so amazing. If you are to order, please remember they Have sold almost 2000 products in only 12months of business, and they are living in a country with less than adequate resources. For wedding orders, order well in advance 6months ideally. To Yanni- you may find people are still willing to purchase your custom made products even if they are more expensive. Other handmade bouquets on etsy (from brooches, buttons or silk) are selling for $150+ per bouquet! You may find if you raise the price you will have less demands on your time, with the same income. It is a lot when converted to pesos, I know- but even real flower bouquets for weddings here are $100-200 per bouquet. However if you did raise the price, people would expect better communication than currently (and I know you are very busy and have many requests to respond to!) but is just a thought. Thanks for the flowers – I will upload photos after the wedding 🙂

– Sam (http://www.etsy.com/people/SBroomie/feedback?ref=pr_feedback)

Accents and Petals is creative and I am considering using them for my wedding this August. I just am concerned that since the outfit is in the Philippines, I would have to make sure I order anything I want way in advance to ensure its arrival.

– Krista (http://www.etsy.com/people/kristaanthony/feedback?ref=pr_feedback )

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