Our handcrafted wedding flowers are featured in these real weddings. Over 5,000 brides walked down the aisle carrying our forever bouquets. Florists and crafters from different parts of the world are incorporating our flowers in their eco-friendly creations.

Here are links to posts from real weddings and events. Click on each link to see more photos. Credit goes to the brides, photographers and  writers.

Rachel ♥ Johnny

Blogpost :


Andrew ♥ Cindy

More photos here:


Diane  ♥ Dominic

More photos here:


Durban ♥ Logan

More Photos Here:

Photos by: Devo Photography (

Cassie ♥ Jarred

More Photos Here:

Photos by: Callie Riesling Photography (

Tinetta ♥ Michael

More photos here:

Photos by: Ken Love Photography, LLC (

Crystal ♥ Jonathan

More Photos here:

Photos by: Scott Craig Photography (

Elin ♥ Kevin

More photos here:

Photos by: Sam Adams Photography (

Zanna ♥ Bryce

More photos here:!i=2032465183&k=X3X3bjH

Photos by:   Anita Clemens Photography(

Sarah ♥ William

More Photos and Blog Post:

Photos by: Ampersand Studios (

Rebecca ♥ Tyler

More Photos Here:

Photography by: Kimberly Ann Photography (

Melissa ♥ Frank

More Photos Here:

Photography by: Brett J Derisso Photography  (

Ranee ♥ Kyle

More Photos Here:

Photo/Video by: El Garahe Studios (

Cassie ♥ Ryan

More Photos here:

Photography: Photography by Marnie (

Sharon ♥ Edwin

More photos here:

Photography by: After Shots Studio (

Maeve & Michael

More photos here:

Photography: Sean Marshall Lin Photography (

Kate & Dindo

More photos here:


Photo/Video by: El Garahe Studios (

Anna & Steve

Photo by: A. Sweeney Photography

Ashley & Rick

Marisa & Mike

Photos by: KB Image Photography

Kimberly & John

Photography by: Steffen Harris Photography

Ashley & Steven

Photography by Evin Krehbiel of

Jen & Ben

Photo Credit:

Tara & Brett

Photo Credit:

Wanda & Michael

Melissa & Stan

More Photos here:

Photography by: Collignon Photography

Emily & Paul

Jae & William

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