How Does ArtFire Work For Me?

Artfire has been our home since moving  from another selling venue a few years back. Sales were slow in the beginning  but we decided to stay  and hoped  that eventually, our brand will be recognized and sales would start coming in. True to our expectation, we are one of the more established wedding shops on Artfire today. We wouldn’t have decided to stick with  Artfire if the venue didn’t work for us in the first place.

So to answer the question, How does Artfire work for me? Topping the list would be because  Artfire gives us the venue to connect  with  different clients ( brides, crafty moms, wedding planners, wholesalers) around the world. We are based in the Philippines but about 95% of our orders come from overseas. We credit Artfire for the added exposure by submitting our details on Google. If you search wooden bouquets, our Artfire Studio pops up on the first page. This works very well for us because majority of our clients have actually found us through the google search engine.

I own a Pro Account and I only pay a fixed monthly fee. I also added the new Convenience Feature Pack for a minimal fee. I can list as many items as I need and not worry about paying  listing fees and final fees on sales. Because we do not pay those extra fees, we can keep our prices affordable. It is a win-win situation for us and our customers. Aside from our reasonable prices, another perk for buyers is that they are not forced  to sign up in order to buy from  our studio. I have clients  contact me via Facebook or elsewhere. When they are ready to pay I just list the items on Artfire, send them the links and they can just purchase right away without having to register. This process makes transactions fast and easy.

Lastly, Artfire works for us in a way that it helps grow our business.  As it continues to grow, it also gives us the opportunity to employ more people. We give back our blessings to the local community by teaching flower-making to unemployed moms and students. We support them further by buying their crafts. Check our flowers here: and if you are ready to start selling, click here

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