Forest House Bistro & Cafe, Baguio City

Forest House Bistro & Cafe’s entrance  has lots of greenery, ferns, orchids  and a waterfall fountain. The interior is filled with rustic country decors giving it a relaxed homey atmosphere and what I love the most are their high ceilings and charming exposed beams, so much light and space.  decor3

We were seated at a table in the corner and immediately brought menus and water. I requested for a glass of  warm water which was diligently refilled by their accommodating crew.

It was a Sunday evening, raining and  starting to get chilly so to start the meal, we  ordered a bowl of mushroom cream soup. It came in a bread bowl with an inspirational topper . The aroma wafted across the table so it wasn’t long before we were delving our spoons into the depths of the soup.  Hubby raved about the outstanding mushroom and depth of flavor.  It’s a truly decadent dish  which we thoroughly enjoyed.

bread page

Wild Mushroom Cream Soup (P135)

We were looking for a dish that would satisfy our appetites for something hearty so my husband ordered their recommended Forest House Wine Sauced Chicken( grilled chicken breast with rich creamy white wine sauce and mushroom). It was nicely plated with a generous helping of  veggies on the side (green beans, cauli flowers, carrots and radish). The sauce was generous, rich and creamy but not overpowering. You could still taste the other delicate flavors like that of the grilled chicken. The splash of booze and addition of mushrooms and other spices created something extremely comforting.  The thinner  meat portions were a bit dry but still flavorful. It’s good with mashed potatoes or plain rice and hubby opted for the rice which was served in a white ceramic pot.


Forest House Wine Sauced Chicken (P295)

I love Korean food so seeing  one in the menu, I immediately knew what I would want for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to see how huge one order was. It was served in a separate boat dish, garnished with sesame seeds and  cleverly presented on top of a plate along with scooped layers of mashed potatoes and crisp vegetables. The beef slices were moist and for the most part fall-off-the-bone tender.  The flavor was spot on and delicious. Definitely worth the price. (Good for 2 people).


Korean Beef Ribs (P345)

We ordered the mini burgers and fries for our son.  He was only able to finish one burger and about a quarter of the fries. One burger had additional grated cheese and another with a strip of bacon. It was Ok.

Mini Burgers and Fries (P195)

For our drinks, we got bottomless lemon iced tea ( P75) and Mint Tea. The hot tea was aromatic and refreshing and I love their unique cottage tin/glass tea dispenser.

tea final

Mint Tea (P65)

WEDDING TIPS (Venue and Food)

Food – great… Service – fast… Crew – accommodating. Highly recommended! Feel free to inquire, get an opportunity to sample the food and talk about menu choices.  Forest House offers  different Executive Buffet Packages to choose from for a minimum of 30 pax. Check their website below for details. They have a beautiful garden for your dream garden wedding and other outdoor functions and a private function room for an indoor affair.decor2Forest House Bistro and Cafe


Forest House Bistro & Cafe/ Forest House Bed & Breakfast

16 Loakan Road, Baguio City

Open: Sun-Sat 11:am to 11:pm

Telephone: +63 74 447-0459 or 304-45-53

Email Address:

Facebook Page: http//


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