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Wholesale Rustic Guestbook Pens

Rustic guestbook pens. Black pens wrapped with natural twine. The twine is the same material used in making burlap cloth. The roses are made of fresh leaves that have been fossilized. The fresh leaves are scoured, bleached, and dyed then crafted to resemble flowers using real twigs as stalks or stems. They are termed fossilized because they have been preserved to last a lifetime.

Rustic Guestbook Pen
Rustic Guestbook Pen
Rustic Guestbook Pen

RETAIL: 2 sets for $10 .

You may purchase here directly : http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/AccentsandPetals/5042880/rustic_guestbook_pen-_set_of_two/handmade/wedding/albums


50 pcs guestbook pens – $3 each

100 pcs guestbook pen – $2 each

500 pcs guestbook pen – $1 each

Shipping  NOT  included

If you are interested in  purchasing wholesale, please send us an email  (recycledpetals@gmail.com) so we can set up a reserved listing for you.


Credits: Product Photography by Remi Roque


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