Occasionally Hair Wedding Bits & Pieces (Rockhampton, Queensland)

Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/OccasionallyHairWeddingBitsPieces

Email: bad1970.dw@gmail.com bad1970.dw@hotmail.com

Phone Number: +61 407 172 088

Location: Rockhampton, Queensland 4700

“ Here at Occasionally Hair, Wedding Bits & Pieces, I specialize in doing Weddings. Not just the Hair and Make Up, But all things Bridal.

I am very crafty, I make very unique items, which are all customized to what type of wedding style a client requires. But also it is just because I love to make things.

Items such as Invitations, Cake Box’s, Pomanders, Unity Candles (Vintage or Rustic), Ring Pillows(Box’s, etc), Gift Box’s, Bouquet’s, really anything you can think of. I enjoy making things, I enjoy giving! Especially love to see Brides smiling all day, not hiding the stress and being unhappy, which I seen so much of over the last 20 years.

At the end of the day, I want a very happy bride, who has her own unique wedding day. “

That pretty much sums up myself and the business, as well as covering what service a client can expect from myself. I am very client orientated.

As I have found ‘service’ in the bridal industry has almost disappeared. All the bigger business are concerned with is how much money they can make out of one bridal party.

I have also found that they do not care if the bride gets what she wants, cause they know there is nowhere else for her to go. I want to give them that choice.

– Danea-

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