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Artist  Statement

Photography is an art that you have to be born with. If your eyes doesn’t capture the beauty of what you are about to click, its hard to imagine that your camera will. Some may argue it’s the quality of the camera that makes the difference. If you have the passion for photography, it really doesn’t matter what camera you have in your hand. But you need both skill and tools to be producing top quality images which would live up to expectations. For most, photography is a passion. Among them, there is a bunch of individuals who have committed themselves and do it as profession. It’s a tough choice when it comes to our part of the world where choosing photography over another profession might not get the nod. But success remains by doing what you love the most. Unfortunately for me, photography remains a hobby. I still love shooting photos, not a pro, but I love what I do.

-Ash Yago Velasco

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