We love custom orders. We can create a bouquet as seen on the photos or we can custom make one to match you wedding colors and theme.We use wooden flowers, paper flowers, corn husk flowers, fossilized and fabric flowers. You have the option to choose one material or a combination of all.You may also … [Read More...]

WHOLESALE (Wood, Paper, Burlap, Corn Husk, Fabric Flowers)

Tweet Looking for burlap roses to resell in your stores? Avail of our wholesale offer. 250 pieces large Eco-friendly burlap roses. We used recycled peanut and coffee burlap sacks – washed, dried, and stabilized to prevent the edges from fraying. Base diameter measures 2.3 inches. Retail price is $10 for 12 pieces. You can purchase […]


How Does ArtFire Work For Me?

Artfire has been our home since moving  from another selling venue a few years back. Sales were slow in the beginning  but we decided to stay  and hoped  that eventually, our brand will be recognized and sales would start coming in. True to our expectation, we are one of the more established wedding shops on Artfire today. We wouldn’t have decided to stick with  Artfire if the venue didn’t work for us in the first place. So to answer the question, How does Artfire work for me? … [Read More...]


Tweet DIY: How to Make Pomanders, Kissing Balls or Flowers Balls for Weddings and Home Decors I. Introduction Pomanders are also known as kissing balls or flower balls. These can be used as an alternative bouquet for flower girls and bridesmaids. Brides may also opt to have a pomander type bouquet. Perfect for aisle decors […]


Tweet Wooden Roses Made of Birch Wood Shavings The wood used in making these flowers is actually salvaged from wooden shipping crates in sea ports. We also buy wood scraps from recycling facilities. After bringing home these materials, each piece of wood is painstakingly shaved and the flowers assembled petal by petal. Accents and Petals […]


Tweet Green Corn Husk Bouquet, Centerpiece, Home Decor This bouquet is made of flowers fashioned from dried corn husks. Accented with foxtail bristlegrass, crystals and pearls. We love custom orders. We can create a bouquet as seen on the photos or we can custom make one to match your wedding colors and theme. We use […]


Tweet If you are looking for something modern yet artistic to integrate into your wedding or craft projects, paper flowers are the way to go. Use of paper flowers is limitless. You can make “forever” bouquets for weddings. They are also great for party decorations, gift decors, napkin ring, drapery ties, confetti, scrap booking and […]


Tweet Fossilized Roses The roses are made of fresh leaves that have been fossilized. The fresh leaves are scoured, bleached, and dyed then crafted to resemble flowers using real twigs as stalks or stems. They are termed fossilized because they have been preserved to last a lifetime. We accept custom orders to match wedding colors […]